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Jo McDonnell


Cllr Joe McDonnell has lived in Eastry for “six glorious years”.

Joe retired from HM Prison Belmarsh, London where he worked as a Warder, “A tough job and not for the
faint hearted”, Joe adds. He tells Eastry Village News that he felt immediately at home in
Eastry, and finds its people friendly and welcoming.

Always striving to give back to his localcommunity Joe became an Eastry Parish Councillor in 2020. You can meet Joe on his regularwalks through the Parish Church graveyard, since he eagerly volunteered himself to keep a keen eye on its upkeep.

Joe is a big advocate of giving back to his local community, he wants to make Eastry an even better place to live and enjoy. Joe has played an influential part in EPC’s Traffic Speeding Campaign. Not content with limp looking ‘It’s the limit, not a Target’ red banners, Joe quickly constructed several sturdy wooden frames so that the banners can be seen clearly by drivers.

Another issue dear to Joe’s heart is excessive housebuilding in
rural areas including Eastry, he thinks new homes should be located near railway stations instead to encourage less reliance on the car.