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DDC Housing survey – Have your say

 Dover District Council will be undertaking a housing needs survey for the district.

Housing needs surveys are used by local authorities to identify the current and future housing needs of residents and determinethe type and size of affordable homes that should be built to meet the current and future needs of residents and communities.  

The survey aims to determine: 

·       If the housing needs of the residents of the district are already being met;  

·       If there is a need for new affordable homes over the next few years, and if so, the number required to meet the need of communities;   

·       Who is in need and what type of accommodation they require.   

This is an excellent opportunity for residents to tell us about their current housing situation, their current and future needs, and views on what affordable housing they think should be built in their communities. 

The survey will be open from 10 January 2023 to 7 March 2023.  

Residents will be able to complete the survey online via our dedicated webpage www.dover.gov.uk/housing-needs-survey.