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meter doorstep scams

Eastry NHW: SCAM Doorstep Meter Readings

Dear All,
 A resident in  Gore Road said a young  boy and girl, aged approx 19 and 18yrs, called on her for access to read a meter.  She said the ID wasn’t very convincing and a week later they came back and put a piece of paper through the door saying if she didn’t give access another firm would be involved to try harder to get access.
Also that it was a requirement (of the contract).   The paper was a bit scrappy and had the EDF number for leaving meter readings (I confirmed the number and is legit).  It said they would return on wed 13th Sept.  Apparently she heard from a good source that this has been happening in other parts of the village.
Chairman Simon,Dundas asked her to contact EDF’s customer support (number on any bill) to see if they had sent someone to read the meter on the days in question.
Please report  any similar suspicious incidents to NHW
Thank you
Michael Kinns

Mike Kinns,  Eastry Resident