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Update on My Community Voice

Since My Community Voice was launched in November last year Kent Police have grown both in understanding how best to use the system but have also have worked hard to get the quality of the messages right. We are learning and your feedback is vital in shaping how we use this two-way engagement tool.

Over 600 Kent Police officers and staff engaged in law enforcement are registered as internal users with almost 1000 messages sent. We’ve engaged with the community at a local level and despite this not being officially launched to the general public, you are one of over 5000 that have already taken up the opportunity to sign up and start to get the messages about matters in your community.

Confident we are at the right stage we are launching My Community Voice to the wider public today so you will increased media focus and discussion around its use. Please tell a friend, a family member, a colleague about My Community Voice.

Today also marks Neighbourhood Policing Week – an opportunity for us to showcase what we do every week in our local communities.

All officers engaged in neighbourhood policing are familiar with My Community Voice and now the next stage will be training our investigators and specialist teams. You will see increased opportunities to support our investigations with witness appeals, notification of criminality in your area and advice on how to reduce crime.

Thank you for being part of this journey with us so far.

My Community Voice – lets talk together

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