Who are we and what we do

Who are we and what we do

Eastry Parish Council was formed in the 1890’s and has eleven seats. They meet on the first Monday of the month, usually at the Parish Council rooms in Church Street Eastry, this is the green hut in front of the Bowling Green, within the Recreation Ground. Currently meetings are taking place virtually via Zoom.

The Council has two employees,

The Clerk to the Parish Council works 18 hours a week. The Councils official offices are situated at the Clerks home. Office house are Mon, Tue, Thur and Fri 9am to  5pm. Anyone wishing to meet in person must phone for an appointment.

The Village Caretaker who works for 15 hours a week.

Eastry Parish Council (EPC) raises money through your Council Tax (known as a Precept) and for 2020 this amounts to just over £56,000.

After fixed expenses involved in running EPC, the Council has approx. £40,000 p.a to spend.

What does your Council do?…..and not do…. a simple guide!


EPC has a role in expressing our views regarding planning applications in Eastry, however Dover District Council (DDC) are the Planning Authority and the final decision is made by them.


EPC has no authority regarding the control of parking in Eastry. This is the responsibility of DDC… or the police. However we can advise the relevant authorities and request that they take action where applicable.


Your Council has no authority regarding speeding, but we do operate the Speed Indicator Device (SID) that you may have seen sited around the village, in order to send data to the Police. The final decision whether to act upon the data is up to them. Local residents can take part in the Speedwatch programme to monitor speeding in the village, however, previously, there has been little willingness for local residents to get involved with this. If you feel you would like to take part in a Speedwatch programme, please contact EPC.

Highways ( roads, pavements, streetlights)

EPC will get involved in recommending works to Kent County Council (KCC)  and commenting upon proposed major road changes (such as the Felderland lane proposals), but Highways are predominantly the responsibility of KCC. EPC will report all issues to them for remedial action.

Litter, and village cleaning.

DDC are responsible for sweeping the roads in Eastry. However, EPC employ a Village Caretaker whose primary role is to litter pick around the village, and to augment the street sweeping conducted by DDC contractors. Unfortunately, due to some inconsiderate owners, the village caretaker also undertakes the “clean up” of dog fouling throughout the village!

If you feel you would like to get involved in a litter pick, then please contact EPC.

Public Conveniences

Dover District Council own the village public toilets and are responsible for the building and fixtures and fittings. Opening closing and cleaning are the responsibility of EPC and this is also the responsibility of the Village Caretaker.

Cemetery and Churchyard.

The Parish Council maintain the safety of monuments within the Cemetery, and are responsible for the grass cutting and maintenance of the walls around the closed Churchyard and Cemetery.   Burials within the Cemetery are also under the control of EPC.

Recreation Grounds/Parade

The maintenance ( grass cutting etc) of the Gun Park, and other recreation areas within the village and the maintenance of associated play areas, as well as the Parade (in front of the shops) are the responsibility of EPC, although the Parish Council has no responsibility for the Eastry picnic area.

Village hall.

Unlike many other villages, the Village Hall is not the responsibility of EPC and is run by a separate charity committee. However, EPC do fund the regular Friday coffee, and also provide some grant funding to help maintain the facilities at the Village Hall such as a new cooker, curtains etc.

Parish Hall, Girl Guide Hut, Bowls pavilion.

This is the green “hut” in Church Street. The maintenance of this facility (rates, electric, water etc ) is the responsibility of EPC.


The allotments are wholly owned by EPC, however the day to day running is undertaken by the allotments committee, maintenance and water usage at the allotments are funded by, and are the responsibility of EPC.

The Village pond

This is owned by the Church commissioners, but is maintained by EPC and the grass area around the pond is cut regularly during the summer months, as part of the grass cutting contract funded by EPC.

EPC is also a source of funding for many things throughout the village, giving up to £1500 in grants every year to village groups and organisations. Your Council supply’s and erects the village Christmas trees and lights; play area safety inspections; repairs to benches and street furniture; commemorations; wreaths and many other activities.

DDC Register Of Interests:  https://moderngov.dover.gov.uk/mgParishCouncilDetails.aspx?ID=152&LS=3