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Kent Police Newsletter – May 2024 PC 11454 Bowler | Beat Team – Dover rural

As we approach the summer, the weather finally seems to be improving which certainly makes my Foot Patrol and Road Checks far more enjoyable! I am also hoping to be out in the villages using nothing more than pedal power in the coming weeks and hope to meet as many of you as possible on my travels.
It is also the season for village fetes and other community events. Please email me directly if you would like me to try and attend these. Shifts permitting, I am always happy to attend.
Incidents of Note
I have been joined by my colleague (Sandwich Beat Officer – PC Eyre-Jackson) and have carried out speed checks across the district. Most recently we have conducted these on Foxborough Hill, Eastry and Sandwich Road, Woodnesborough. Several motorists were reported for speeding offences and issued Traffic Offence Reports (TOR).
I have received reports of speeding on Lower Street, Eastry and also The Street, Worth. We will be attending these locations in the near future to carry out further checks. Please feel free to contact me directly by email if you have any other areas of concern regarding speeding or other road traffic related issues.
Once again, we are receiving reports of nuisance motor vehicles in and around the A256 and close to Betteshanger. These reports are primarily late at night and sometimes early hours of the morning and reports are of numerous cars and motorcycles being driven in a dangerous manner. Officers have been deployed to this on each occasion. Any offences apparent will be dealt with either by means of Traffic Offence Report (TOR) or by a section 59 warning notice enabling police to seize the car should the driver continue to drive in such a careless manner.
I have attended Eastry School following further reports of parking issues on the Zig Zag Lines outside of the school gates, primarily during school pick up times. My presence alone seems to have acted as a suitable deterrent, and the school have purchased more cones to try and deter those from parking illegally. I will continue to attend unannounced, and any drivers stopped on these lines will be reported for the offence. This is a safety issue, and the restricted area is to ensure the safety of all children entering and exiting the school.
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