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Skiers disturbing seal colonies in Pegwell Bay


Kent Police’s Rural Task Force has been made aware of reports of jet skiers disturbing seal colonies in Pegwell Bay, near Sandwich.

Kent has a stunning shoreline in which protected species of birds and marine mammals thrive. We want everyone to enjoy Kent’s coast whilst ensuring that the natural habitat of these animals is respected.

Intentionally or recklessly disturbing wild animals, including marine mammals, is an offence under the Wildlife and Countryside Act.

The Rural Task Force are working with various partners to raise awareness of the importance of respecting the wildlife on the coastline and issuing advice to those using speed boats and jet-skis.

Kent Wildlife Trust have also released a statement on the seals, which you can read via the link below:

Anti-social jet ski riders reported to police after repeatedly disturbing seals at Pegwell Bay | Kent Wildlife Trust

The most important thing people can do is keep their distance from all marine mammals and seabirds. These species are sensitive to disturbance so if you come into contact with them move away quietly. Those using boats or jet skis are asked to travel at a no-wake speed of under 5mph when near the cliffs and if you see groups of birds or colonies of seals, slow down and go around them.

If you witness this behaviour, then please report this to the police either online via the Kent Police website or using 101 quoting Op Seabird.